15 best DIY cleaning hacks

I found 15 helpful DIY cleaning hacks that you can use for different areas of your home. They don’t require any special equipment and they are easy to DIY with what you already have at home.

1. Clean your stove vents

Two things you will need, a big pot and some baking soda. Details

2. Stain remover

Use a pumice stone, Crub the rust rings, and rinse clean. Details

3. Clean your baseboards

Spray with your favorite cleaner to easily clean your baseboards and walls. Details

4. Clean your oven

Place a pan of boiling water on the lower rack and a bowl of ammonia on the rack above it. Details

5. Clean grimy kitchen cabinet

Mix 1 part coconut oil with 2 parts baking soda in a small bowl then apply the mixture to your cabinets. Details

6. Sink Look Shiny

Clean your sink the easy way with amazing use of baking soda. Details

7. Clean Your Car

Really hand, easy and holds lots of water for cleaning your car. Details

8. Cleaning Shoes With The Help Of Damp Cloth

Simply rub the cloth all over the shoes to clean the stains. Details

9. Restore The Natural Color Of Your Grout

Slap some bleach onto a brush and simply scrub over those discolored portions. Details

10. Scrub the tub With Half a Grapefruit

Grab yourself a grapefruit from the kitchen and dip it into a shallow bowl of salt. Details

11. Cleaning the tiles

White vinegar is an amazingly good cleaning ingredient which helps in cleaning the tiles easily. Details

12. Baking Glass Dishes Sparkle

Uses safe ingredients such as tea tree soap, aluminum foil, baking soda, water and a tooth brush. Details

13. Cleaning the Stovetop

Clean your stove top safely and naturally in just few minutes. Details

14. Garbage disposal tablets 

Slice up some lemons and limes and place them in the cups of a muffin pan, brownie pan, or ice cube tray. Details

15. Clean your window screens

Use a lint roller to get any tree fuzz, spider web, pet hair, and debris off the window screens. Details