15 DIY garden decor ideas

Love to decor garden? Today we bring for you 15 DIY garden decor ideas you should try any of these idea to give a new look to your garden in few minutes.

1. Plastic pots

Old English garden pieces to your porch, by transforming ordinary plastic pots. Details


Such an easy and economical gift, and one that I really enjoyed gifting. Details

3. Stoney finish

If your garden’s full of brick details and stoney ornaments, paint your pots to match like this. Details

4. Blue & White Fall Door Decor

An easy and charming blue & white door decor for your home this Fall. Details

5. Plastic Pink Flower Pot

Gorgeous Lavender plant and fell in love with its cuteness but hated the pink flower pot.  Details

6. Upcycled Planter

Ugly brown bench has come out from hiding in the garage and she looks beautiful now. Details

7. Pots with rope

Rope wrapped planters are an easy way to add some texture to cheap terra cotta pots. Details

8. Ceiling Tile Flower Pockets

Easy and adorable charming little flower pockets from scraps of vintage ceiling tiles and plain wire. Details

9. DIY Concrete Planter

Planter is made from an old towel drenched in concrete and hung over a bucket to dry. Details

10. Wheelbarrow Flower Planters

The rustic element contrasts perfectly with the charming flowers for your garden. Details

11. Vintage Ladder Flowerpot

Set up some flower pots long its steps and make it your garden centerpiece. Details

12. New Look for an Old Basket

Love the look of flowers in baskets, Cheap and easy decor for garden. Details

13. Flower Pot Makeover

It is a good and easy alternative to sanding when you are painting with chalk paint. Details
Galvanized Metal Bucket Flower Planter

14. Galvanized Metal Bucket Flower Planter

A little bit of imagination, time, and colorful things of beauty, your garden will be the stuff of dreams. Details

15. Rustic Decorated Metal Pitcher

Get different kinds of sizes to get variety, and if you think you have, throw in your favorite kinds of flowers. Details