16 DIY Christmas wreath ideas

Make your door festive for the holidays with these beautiful and creative DIY Christmas wreaths. Here are 16 DIY Christmas wreath ideas that are easy and festive.

Vintage Bulbs Wreath

This wreath is proof that they are still full of Christmas cheer. Details

Cookie Cutter Wreath

Clean off the cookie cutters for a charming decoration. Details

Ballon Wreath

This whimsical wreath would be the centerpiece of any house. Details

Simple & Elegant Wreath

A totally elegant, modern wreath. Details

Ornamental Wreath

A fun ornament wreath to make. Details

Mini Wreath

These adorable mini wreaths look great on door knobs. Details

Moss Wreath

A festive red bow pops against green moss. Details

Star Anise Wreath

A small star anise wreaths hung on the back of each dining room side chair. Details

Holiday Window Display

Adds something special to the overall vignette. Details

Cork Wreath

A handful of corks from your favorite bottles of red and white. Details

Bow Wreath

A few ribbons and bows left over use in this artful wreath DIY. Details

Wooly Wreath

Repurpose some old wooly sweaters for a unique decoration. Details

Natural Frost Wreath

Simply round up sticks, twigs, and pinecones from your backyard and adhere to a foam wreath. Details

Pink Baubles Wreath

Throw in a few disco balls and toy flamingos for maximum boldness. Details

Fabric Wreath

An easy DIY wreath that can be done in any color combination. Details