18 Easy DIY Craft Ideas

Try these creative and easy craft ideas to spruce up your home from September through November. Easy crafts for kids that any age can do.

Woodland Glove Squirrel

This woodland glove squirrel from Bubba West is perfect for small world play. Details

Gingerbread House Ornament

You can use the same brown felt to make the house too, covered with white snow! Details

DIY Pokémon Go Charm Bracelet

This DIY Pokémon bracelet from I Heart Crafty Things is so cute. Details

Caramel Apple Craft

Caramel apples are an irresistible treat, especially during Fall.  Details

Starburst Ornaments

Get a bunch of colored straws to make this beautiful starburst ornament. Details

Fairy in a Jar Craft

This fairy craft looks difficult, but it’s actually incredibly easy! Details

Earth Globes

The kids will have so much fun making these earth globes, that all be worth it. Details

Origami Bird Magnets

Make them in different colors. Details

Gift Wrap and Bow

An attractive gift wrapping that anyone would be pleased to receive. Details

Metallic Paper Gardenia:

This dazzling white beauty flower is something really gorgeous. Details

Transportation Play Dough Mats

A learning opportunities for little kids! Details

Climbing Itsy Bitsy Spider

Make this spider that really climbs. Details

Mrs. Blair’s Pig Pen

Kids would certainly love using these clothespin pigs. Details

Stamped Owl Craft

Use a celery stalk to stamp feathers on this paper cutout. Details

Dragonfly Clothespin

Kids love to make this and use them to decorate, embellish, or even just play with. Details

Counting Octopus

Such a great activity, Adorable, bright and easy to make. Details

Paper and Rock Fairies

A cute craft that turns plain rocks into magical fairies. Details