18 fun paper craft ideas for kids

These are 18 fun paper craft ideas for kids that you and your child can make with little things that are available at home.

Paper Towel Rockets

This paper craft is the coolest. Details

Paper Roll Dragon

Such a fun toy for kids. Details

Love Heart Wreath

Use different patterned paper strips in different colors to make love hearts. Details

Paper Plate Snakes

Love this fun and colorful idea. Details

Marble Run

Create a DIY marble run, using cardboard tubes. Details

Wall Art

Choose the colors that will enhance your decorating scheme. Details

Newspaper Valentine Wreath

Make a beautiful Valentine wreath using newspaper. Details

Toilet Paper Roll Butterflies

Kids will love imagining different patterns. Details

toilet paper butterfly

Gift Bags

They’ll be unique and you’ll be saving money.  Details

Folded Paper Bracelets

A great way of re purposing all the treasured artwork. Details

Earth Globes

The kids will have so much fun making these earth globes, that all be worth it. Details

Origami Bird Magnets

Make them in different colors. Details

Gift Wrap and Bow

An attractive gift wrapping that anyone would be pleased to receive. Details

Metallic Paper Gardenia:

This dazzling white beauty flower is something really gorgeous. Details


This is a super easy and fun paper craft you can use to celebrate New Years. Details

Emoji Mini Notebook DIY

If you love emojis, make this out on upcoming weekend. Details

Octopus Puppet

Pair of big eyes, and the most colorful appearance you’ll ever see in this puppet. Details