18 great DIY crafts ideas

Need to keep the kids entertained during the school holidays? Here’s 18 great crafts for kids to keep them busy this year!

Mini Lid Banjos

This clever tutorial utilizes a few recycled goods. Details

Mini Lid Banjos

Seashell Door Hanger

This garden ornament made out of gorgeous sea glass is so simple. Details

Mermaid Spoons

A great looking craft project that would be easy the kids to make. Details

Golden Shell Angels

These mermaid spoons look like a fun project. Details

Water Bottle Flowers

Snip the bottoms off plastic water bottles, then set them out to paint. Details

Water Bottle Flowers

Tin Can Planters

Create a whole family of friendly plants. Details

Tin Can Planters

Rainbow Cereal Craft 

Your toddler can create a colorful rainbow in no time. Details

Paper Pinwheel

A great adorable baby shower decor. Details

paper pinwheel

CD Cardinal

Looks like one of the Angry Birds. Details

Upcycled Sun Catcher

Find a place to hang these beauties. Details

Yarn Stamping Craft

These DIY yarn stamps help teach kids about different textures and materials. Details

Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars

Simply string two empty toilet paper rolls together, then camouflage with tissue paper leaves. Details

Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars

Simple Flowers

These simple flowers would be a great school or party activity for the kids. Details

Newsprint Ghosts

This is such an easy craft idea that you can bet the kids will love. Details

Hats for the Tea Party

A dress up tea party and these hats will be perfect. Details

Paper Straw Flower

Another excellent craft project to do with the egg carton. Details

Paper Plate Tropical Fish

Tropical fish are gorgeous,  Make this through paper easily. Details