19 best DIY crafts for kids

Looking for cool and easy crafts ideas for teens, kids, and anyone who loves creative crafts to make? Check out the list of best crafts for toddlers, including easy and fun art activities.


Super fun fan to keep you cool during the summer months. Details

Fireworks Craft

Celebrate these occasions with a fun fireworks craft. Details

Cupcake Liner Snails

Gather all the leftover cupcake liners you have to make your own custom, multicolored pet snail. Details

Painted Rock Bee Craft

They’re pretty easy too – paint the rock completely yellow and let dry before adding the stripes. Details

Animal Painted Mason Jars

Have some jars at home try these so easy to animal painted jars. Details


Love to have collection of Legos? make this sweet little candy dispenser by this. Details

DIY Flight School

These paper planes are perfect for kids, just fold, and let your imagination fly. Details

Emoji Flair Pins

It look really easy by making these emoji flair pins with shrinky dink plastic. Details

Planet Earth Clay Craft

A great idea to introduce young kids to the idea of Earth Day. Details

Cute Rock Fish

Make the crab and octopus out of rocks too. Details

Book Spine Art

This is sure to be a hit craft this weekend! Details


Great idea to make some green glitter slime with googly eyes in it, Perfect for Halloween. Details

Duct Tape Emoji Bookmarks

Add some googly eyes to get a whole new look! Details

DIY Spiky Sponges

Pull out these homemade spiky sponges for a riff on water balloons. Details

Rainbow Sprinkles Bath Bombs

A perfect gift for anyone who loves to take a bath daily. Details

Upcycled Painted Spring Vase

This DIY vase makeover will all depend on your painting skills. Details

Friendship Soup Mix

A fun recipe for friendship soup mix, looks and sounds delicious. Details


They’re pretty easy and you can buy all the supplies easily. Details