21 insanely egg carton crafts

Here you are to find the 21 insanely egg carton crafts that you have not thought before even in your imaginations!

Recycled Egg Carton

Just make the beautiful craft flower boxes out of egg carton. Details

DIY Alligator 

A sweet and cute looking alligator affirmation box has been made that can be used for both storage and decoration. Details

DIY Toy Camera

Handmade camera toys that can easily be made out of an egg box or carton. Details


You will love to recycle things and turn them into cute crafts for kids to make. Details


Simply turned egg cartons and paper into a pretty flower crown perfect for celebrating. Details

Egg Carton Ladybug

An easy ladybug craft for kids using egg cartons. Details

Egg Carton and Yarn Bee

This adorable craft is the perfect use for your leftover egg cartons. Details

Bumble Bee

A super hit craft with the kiddos and they are so cute. Details

Egg Carton Ocean

These egg carton ocean animals crafts are perfect for summertime. Details


Make these adorable Snowman Egg Carton Craft in few minutes. Details


Cute looking flower for your kids by making smart use of egg carton. Details

Egg Carton Pirate Ship

This cute pirate ship is sure to keep your child entertained  in summer. Details


Simply cut a piece of fabric for the flag and watercolour paper for the sail. Details

Egg Carton Dinosaur Hat

Make smart use of egg carton to make amusing dinosaur hats that will make a great gift. Details

DIY Centerpieces

Great visual details to your interior using the egg cartons. Details

DIY Bird Feeder

A simple and straightforward project to do with the egg carton. Details

DIY Egg Carton Snowman

A lovely snowmen have been made with the egg carton that can be used in multiple different ways. Details

DIY Egg Carton Masks

Make the great looking party props with the egg carton. Details

DIY Paper Rose Escort Cards

Outstanding paper rose escort cards have been made using the egg carton. Details

DIY Egg Carton Flowers

Mount two of such a flower on a canvas to make an interesting wall art frame. Details